January 2015

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I remember my sisters grabbing me from the house to show me a rainbow. My oldest sister was usually the one to point them out to me. They were almost always visible after a rain shower in southeastern NC. They were fun and special and I always hated to see them disappear. I remember looking …
I am NOT a model but since I don’t have anyone readily available to demonstrate how this is worn, here I am! 😀 My husband was so gracious to help me take these photos. He makes me laugh so forgive the weird facial expressions. He took about 100 pics and these were the ones I …
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  I’ve never made a prayer shawl. Before a few months ago, I’d never known they were a popular project within the yarn community. I didn’t understand the significance of them. I definitely have been schooled on the usefulness, thoughtfulness, necessity of such a wonderful gesture of gifting a prayer shawl to someone in grief. …
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I’m working hard to revamp this page! I’m a little overwhelmed as I am not tech savvy at all. I’m just playing around so if things look a bit jumbled for a day or so, please forgive me.   That aside, new patterns will be coming!! I’m looking forward to Spring!!