December 2014

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Okay, I’m starting a YouTube channel to help with some of my patterns. First up is the Double Shell Headband! I’m a total newb at this so let me know what you think!
by Regina S Graham
I’m working on an order for a baby girl’s first birthday dress. Mom wanted this design.  I usually make newborn dresses so making a larger one always makes me nervous.  She also wanted a headband instead of the hat I had made.  This is what I came up with:  What do you think? I won’t …
I made this for an order. The customer sent me this picture: I don’t look for patterns so I got an idea of how to work it and started. This is what I ended up with: I think I did pretty well!! Here is the pattern: Use an F hook and Aran weight yarn. I …
Hooks and Heels
This seems to be a very popular headband look. Someone posted a picture of one and asked for help with the pattern. No one was able to find an exact pattern like it so I wrote my own. I don’t provide stitch counts so if you keep track of those and would like to contribute …